Kayak Tours

Kayak Tours with Topsail Surf Adventures are not only exciting and fun, but educational too! Get the whole family out and about to experience the unique wildlife inhabiting Topsail Island.

An Experience Like No Other

Learn all about the various aspects of the ecosystem that we can explore from the fish in the sea below to the types of birds flying high above. Our instructors are very knowledgeable about the history of Topsail Island, the landscapes that make up the island, and the various types of wildlife that call Topsail Island home. Kayaks provide a fun way to get to different points on the island that are otherwise inaccessible to humans!

We provide tours at various launch points around the island including North Topsail, South Topsail, and Surf City! We pride ourselves on going above and beyond to make your experience truly unique and tailored to your specific needs! To get your adventure started, our instructors are happy to meet at our closest launch point to your location, or at any of our launch points from the north to the sound end of the island, according to your preference!

Kayak Tours Topsail Island

Private tours can be booked throughout the week. Meet us at one of our three favorite launch spots at a time that best fits your family’s schedule. And we can advise you on the best times and launch locations! If you are close to any other accesses on the intercoastal or have a private access at your vacation rental, we will be glad to come to you and adventure right out of your door! Please call us at (910)-803-1099 if you have any questions.

Lee Island Kayak Tour Pic

Lee-Hutaff Island Tours

Lee-Hutaff Kayak Tours are a must do while visiting Topsail Island! This unique uninhabited barrier island is home to many protected species of coastal North Carolina. Located south of the town of Topsail Island, Lee-Hutaff is just a short paddle from the launch point at Beach Access 1. Explore the pristine clear waters around South Topsail Island through the marshes to a lush maritime forest. This is a must do for people who have the sense for adventure! The island is also a prominent nesting spot for Loggerhead Turtles, Least Terns, American Oystercatchers, Piping Plovers, and Clapper Rails.

Difficulty: Moderate

Stump Sound

Situated on the north end of the island, Stump Sound provides explorers a real sense of what it means to be immersed in some of Topsail's most beautiful natural areas. Stump Sound is known for its oysters that are embedded within the mud! The marshes are home to many juvenile fish and other marine life. Keep your eye out for dolphins and rays, along with an abundant number of various species of birds such as Ospreys, Great Egrets, Great Blue Herons and Kingfishers! Stump Sound tours are a must do for your vacation to see what these beautiful estuaries were like before Topsail Island and its surrounding areas were developed. This is a perfect excursion for the whole family!

Difficulty: Easy

Kayak Tours Topsail Island
Greenfield Lake Kayak Tour

Greenfield Lake Tour - City of Wilmington

Kayak tours of Greenfield Lake are a fantastic way to experience the City of Wilmington! This lake has a wild abundance of wildlife that the whole family will love! This kayaking location is highly user-friendly as it has no currents and is well protected from the wind. You can expect to see a lot of ospreys, cormorants, egrets, herons, and even juvenile alligators. (Don't worry; they mind their own business) The cypress trees provide an atmosphere that transports you to a different world. We also offer concert viewing by kayak on request. This tour is the perfect experience for the whole family!

Difficulty: Easy