Please only bring necessary items to the beach! Topsail Surf Adventures provides the surfboards and rashguards for your party, but what else do you need to bring? When you typically go to the beach, you are bringing an assortment of items: beach chairs, games, umbrellas, snacks etc. With your first surf lesson, you should only bring the essentials: towel, bathing suit (active swimwear for our female surfers), water bottle, and extra sunscreen. While we understand the excitement of letting friends know you are out in the water, your cell phone can be left behind.

Make sure you are hydrated and well-nourished prior to your lesson. Just like with any work out, you want to be well-hydrated and at least have a snack to give you the energy to paddle your heart out! Depending on the time of day you choose to learn, try to have meals at least an hour before your start time or a healthy snack a half hour prior. Water may be what you’re immersed in, but it is what’s on the inside that counts! There is nothing worse than getting out there and having a headache because you forgot to hydrate.

Be honest with your instructor. Whether it is your physical abilities or just how you feel that day, let your instructor know! We provide individual surf lessons, and YOU are the priority when it comes to customizing the day to your strengths and abilities. If it is your first time out there, it is okay to be nervous, in the end you are there to have fun! We will cater to your experience if you are willing to fully immerse yourself in the time you have out there.

Understand that the ocean is in control. Are you in control of your electronic device or is your device in control of you? But since we are talking about surf lessons, we leave those devices behind, and we find ourselves under mother nature’s control. We base our lessons off the wave forecast, but things can change. You can find yourself having the best wave of your life one second, then enduring what feels like endless paddling back out to the line up the next. Having a preemptive mindset that you can do anything you put to your mind can play a major factor in improving your surfing abilities!

“The Best Surfer Out There is the One Having the Most Fun.” While these are the tricks of the trade, as with any beach activity, you are here to have fun! While surfing comes with its challenges, Topsail Surf Adventures has chosen the best surf breaks, instructors and equipment catered to your expertise so you can be the best surfer out there! Whether in the pit of the barrel or riding the white water, if you have a smile on your face, that is what it is all about!